Call to Arms! Recruitment Update

We are still focusing on building our roster for the current expansion and are looking to fill 2 spots:

  • We’re in great need of a healer! We have a discipline priest and a monk, so something to compliment those (particularly a paladin), would be very welcome. We’re not picky, though, and if you have a way of making health bars go up, we’re looking for you.
  • We also could use another dps: Definitely not picky here as our ranged and melee are pretty balanced, so a mage, hunter, fury warrior, or death knight would compliment the current roster quite well.

If you’re interested, please hit up an officer in-game or register on our forums.

As always, we’re interest in new faces on a social level as well and are open to any characters level 40 on up.

Feng the Accursed

We’re a bit behind raiding-wise this expansion, due primarily to a late start and some roster changes, but Tuesday’s raid this week was very promising. In sum, this took two attempts, with our first try nearly resulting in the kill. It seemed a pretty easy fight on the whole, but that does not diminish the accomplishment.

Special thanks out to Meri and Mong, who despite a pvp-focus and burnout break respectively, came in to help fill out the roster.

Pandaria Arrives and Mong’s the Realm First Zen Master Skinner!

So proud of my boy. He, with the help of Zukk, Beek, Moxie, and The Clak, went out and killed a blue ton of stags, garnering a Realm First! What great cooperation, teamwork, and sacrifice. In other places, people may have said, ‘Nah, I want to go play my way,’ and left it at that, but not these heroes. They demonstrate what can be accomplished with a little teamwork.

Always & Forever, my lovely…

Zukk the Kook

Congratulations to Zukk on his very impressive achievement: [Insane In The Membrane]! He’s been working hard on that, and on many other achievements, for over a year now. Way to go!


Heroic Progression


Star Wars: The Old Republic Server Announced!

The Covenant of Crows is ready to launch its newest Talon in SW:ToR on the Tarro Blood server! We already have ton of old Crows joining us on this new adventure and we’re open to recruiting more as well! It’s going to be a lot of fun playing on the Dark Side and wreaking havoc on unsuspecting Jedi. They’ll see that we’re a force to be reckoned with!

Sound interesting? Then come check us out! The adventure begins this week!

Amazing Ragarnos Kill Video

Another great video by Echinachea! Watch the Crows take down the Firelord in epic fashion. Behold the mighty Clak, who pulls off an amazing Leap of Faith save and perishes with astounding style and grace!

Seriously, awesome job you guys. This was so fun to watch and it looks like you all had a blast, too. Keep up the great work in 4.3!


SWTOR Fans: Check your inboxes!

Another round of weekend beta invites is going around and already we have 3 Crows in! Naturally, there’s little we can say about the specifics due to the NDA, but it’d be neat to get as many Crows together as we can to explore and enjoy it together. As for myself (this is Zerrissen writing this), I’m trying to knock out all my weekend work early.

Let this also serve as a gentle reminder that the Crows will be present in SW:TOR and if you’ve not yet registered with the guild on the SW:ToR website, you should do so. The guild is already pre-listed and will be deployed before the servers even come online. So, if you’re even thinking about playing (i.e., no preorder necessary since we’re already good to go on that front), hop on over to, get registered and sign up for the guild. Look, it’s just going to make it more fun, right?

Also, we’re Sith. There’s no debate there. CoC is a dark-flavored guild. No more namby-pamby alliance, good and light and happy shit, okay? We’re either bad, misunderstood, or both. Dig? :)

Echi does it again: CoC vs. Alysrazor

So, I took way too long to put this up on the front page, but here it is in all its glory. Thanks so much for your work on the videos Echinachea and go Crows!

Forums are Down

The forums have hit a small snag with an update, I am working to get them back up and running. All post and user information is intact, but the style information has been deleted somehow and since it defaults to a style page that no longer exists, I’m having a bit of trouble getting phpbb to point to a useable site.

EDIT: Forums are back up.