About the Covenant of Crows

Covenant of Crows is a multi-venue community of gamers who enjoy spending time together indulging in our favorite hobbies. Many of us have been friends both online and off for many years, are older than the general demographic for gamers, have families, jobs and responsibilities that take priority over our mutual hobbies, but we still try to find time to game.

Our interests are quite varied and the Covenant of Crows exists as a space to share those interests. Our focus is on all sorts of games, with a particular emphasis on online multiplayer games, though not exclusively limited to that. This is also a place for other offline hobbies, from movies and television, to music, and to books. We exist as a social space for all things geeky. We refer to this space as our “Murder”.

Core Principles

Regardless of the game and/or venue, we aim to create a space that encompasses the following core principles:

• Community – Community lies as the cornerstone of what we are and everything we do. Without it, there’s no point in our being here. There are plenty of places online that allow for people to simply play games and there’s nothing wrong with that. There aren’t as many that provide a sense of community. Though we do try to be all things to all people, we don’t sacrifice our sense of community for anything and it is our first consideration.

• Honesty and Integrity – All of us try to do what is right, even if that might mean we come up short ourselves from time to time. Whether someone is in the “Murder” or not, they have an expectation of fair treatment from us. We don’t hack, cheat or otherwise deceive anyone. We believe in fair play.

• Openness  – On the Murder-level, we try to be as transparent and open as possible in all of our dealings. There is a general council to guide the Murder and these members may change over time, but the idea is that when decisions need to be made, we seek to build consensus rather than dictate. We strive to involve everyone in decision-making and we appreciate open conversation.

• Mutual Respect – We respect that everyone is here to have a good time and enjoy their hobbies in a community of friends. We do not denigrate others for how they may choose to enjoy their time and we do not engage in ad hominem argumentation. We try to appreciate everyone’s differences and create an environment where it is safe to expose your geeky side without fear.

• Fair Play and Inclusivity – We try not to draw distinctions between groups of players and, when possible, we try to help each other to enjoy our hobbies to the extent that they wish to do so. There is room enough for people of all levels of skill and involvement, from the very hardcore pro-players, to the ultra-casual. In general, we attempt to cater to the people who are most involved in any gaming arena, but still maintain a space where a more casual player also feels welcome.

3 Responses to “About the Covenant of Crows”

  1. Dan says:

    Been reading through you guys’ web site for a few days now, and I will say that it does sound like the place I have been looking for for 3 years now. My daughter & son in law got me into WoW, while I was recovering from triple bypass open heart surgery, and I’ve been here ever since.

    Just a few small details about me, I promise not to bore you to tears. My real name is Dan, I’m 48, and live in Ohio with the love of my life, Teresa. She condones my gaming, but has seen the worst come out in me, because of children doing stupid things, and just not applying themselves.

    I had a guild of my own at 1 time, called ourselves Retribution. We went straight away up to 160 members, due to friends that knew me and had played with me, and against me before. I think it lasted almost 9 months, and then the members started drifting away, wanting to get in a high end guild and go hardcore. I tried to explain to them that it would burn them out, but oh well we all have to learn. Long story short, I got down to 10 members, and at that point, the morale was so crappy, I was usually the only one on for days at a stretch.

    So, I disbanded the guild, and gave everyone still there a devided portion of the mats that were in the bank. I then went back into just a regular member role, doing DPS for another guild. But the most obvious thing that was always present was the blatant disregard and disrespect for new members. Favoritism ran rampant, and if I got to raid, it was only thru pugging.

    So, all total, I’ve been through about 5 guilds, 2 of which disbanded in the middle of the night, and was looted by the GM, and a couple of the officers before they transferred to another server. The other 3 were ran by women that felt they were the queen of WoW, and everyone else had to bow to their wishes.

    The guild I am in now, has over 400 members, and that just makes me really uncomfortable, I see a massive, massive amount of the officers have about 50 characters on the server, and they dominate the guild runs. I myself have only 3 toons, this Mage, a DK, and a Hunter. The DK is very well geared, but I got burnt out on being told my DPS was not 20k, so I was no good.

    The Mage is my replacement for the DK, and has been the one I have had the most fun with. I’m gearing him up SLOWLY, and I do mean SLOWLY. I have resorted to PVP the last 2 weeks, just to break the monotony of dailies, and other crap I am bored to tears with. Working on getting my Wrathful set built, and if things do not change for the better by then, I’ll leave this guild and go strictly PVP. Just so sick and tired of fighting tooth and nail for anything, and always being the low man that’s left out or on the bench.

    At this present time, my DK and Hunter are still on Blackhand, I just do not have the funds to move them yet to Whisperwind. Times are just really hard right now. So, I only have my Mage to work with at the moment, so I’m working him pretty hard trying to get better at the game. I just think it’s gonna be hard for me to trust anyone now, what with the total carnage I have seen in guilds, and the prima donnas, and the elitist bs. I DESPISE being accepted into a guild, and getting to do only 1 raid a week, and the rest of the time, noone knows who I am, or even cares that I’m around, or that I might be a great asset to the guild. Maybe it’s because I’m an old geezer, and this younger crowd wants nothing to do with folks my age, I just don’t know, but it’s beginning to look like I might have to just be by myself and play the game alone, and that’s just not setting right with me.

    Thanks for your time, sorry for the book, I just had to get it out. It’s been eating away at me pretty bad.

    Goshian-80 Mage
    Dan Simpson

  2. Vellsia says:

    I have read through your website, and I must say this is a guild I would be very interested in joining. I also read the Whisperwind forums and seen an add you have posted as well.

    I have always played an alliance character, but im making the jump to the horde side! I have been playing WoW for about 2 years now, and I have raided in Wrath also. Im proud to say I have my Lich King kill title also! Currently im not sure if I want to raid. I think wrath has burnt me out, but eventually I would be willing to give it another go. I plan on starting a Horde Blood elf named Vells also and leveling her. I have a level 85 Priest, and 85 Hunter, and a zillion other alt’s.

    So a little bit about myself, My husband and I created a guild called Elemental last april. We raided often, and put alot of time and effort into the guild. Once we announced that we are putting raiding on hold, until characters geared up we noticed alot of our raiders left us. Pretty much after that more and more people left. I don’t feel it was a leadership issue more so people wanting to raid ASAP. With little to no participation with guild mates it made it harder and harder to accomplish achievements, and whatever else struck us to accomplish. So our guild is slowly dying out. Im currently still in Elemental, and I haven’t disbanded yet.

    Im looking for a guild that’s social. I find that WoW is a game where you can put aside real life and enjoy your time online. Whether you are laughing till the odd hours of the morning with guildies to even having great conversations. Even if you are walking on the beaches in Stranglethorn. :)

    So now comes the about me section. I am 28 years old and a newly wed also. I work as a nurse, and my life at times can be pretty hectic. Especially around flu season, but I think I find a good balance of work and play. Im also very chatty, I can talk about anything to everything.

    I have registered for the website, also Im not really tech savy also . Hence why I have an IT hubby. :)
    I look forward to speaking with you guys in the near future, and thank-you for your time!

    Anita- (Vellsia)

  3. Zerrissen says:

    Hi Vellsia! Thanks for your interest!

    I’m going to shoot you an email right now. I think you’ve come to the right place. :)

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