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SWTOR Fans: Check your inboxes!

Another round of weekend beta invites is going around and already we have 3 Crows in! Naturally, there’s little we can say about the specifics due to the NDA, but it’d be neat to get as many Crows together as we can to explore and enjoy it together. As for myself (this is Zerrissen writing this), I’m trying to knock out all my weekend work early.

Let this also serve as a gentle reminder that the Crows will be present in SW:TOR and if you’ve not yet registered with the guild on the SW:ToR website, you should do so. The guild is already pre-listed and will be deployed before the servers even come online. So, if you’re even thinking about playing (i.e., no preorder necessary since we’re already good to go on that front), hop on over to, get registered and sign up for the guild. Look, it’s just going to make it more fun, right?

Also, we’re Sith. There’s no debate there. CoC is a dark-flavored guild. No more namby-pamby alliance, good and light and happy shit, okay? We’re either bad, misunderstood, or both. Dig? :)